"In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back."
-Charlie Brown

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How old are you?

So I have this little niece, her name is Hailey. She'll be turning 20 next year.... or so she acts. She's only 16 months but she's already got a love for great shoes and purses and chatting with her buddies on the phone. The other day she was over visiting and when I got home from work I took off my shoes and that's when she saw the cool, red, shiny shoes. She put them on and began to walk around with them on. She found her little purse and her play cell phone and paced back and forth through the kitchen to the living room for over 30 minutes. It was quite entertaining! We all had a good laugh. I do have to say that the purse and shoes definitely go with the watermelon on her top. Very nice.

I apologize for the messy house in the background, whenever she comes over, the place turns into a war zone!!

In case you are wondering who is singing in the background.... that would be my mother. And I am sorry that my laugh sounds like a hyena on the video, not sure what happened there.

In this video, she fell out of the shoes and is trying desperately to put them back on. I had to lend her my hand to keep her balance so she could get them back on. Oh the joys of being a girl!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ling Ling Pot stickers

I LOVE pot stickers, you know those little Chinese dumplings. If given the chance I would eat a hundred of them if I could. I don't know how bad they are but I assume because they are so delicious that they can't be that great for you so I just don't look at the back of the package. But I just wanted to share with everyone my love for the little treats! Yum. I just ate a plate of them for lunch. Quite nutritionally balanced I think.

Fun Summer Weddings

My friend Sara and I went to a wedding reception for a girl we used to work with a few years ago. It was at Thanksgiving Point and it was GORGEOUS! They had grape vines everywhere and it was perfectly lovely! I only took a couple pictures because I was worried that would kick me out because they are so weird about people taking pictures there. This picture is of me and Sara but you can see the grape vines all behind us. It was pretty fun. And in case anyone was wondering I was wearing my new red shoes!

Friday, August 1, 2008


So for the last couple of years I have been searching and searching for some cute red high heels. I have found many pairs of shoes that would do but none that really felt like me until today. I found them. The perfect pair. Not too high of a heel, the perfect shade of red and a reasonable price (I would have spent an unreasonable price for them because your can't put a price on perfection!) The funny thing was I wasn't even searching for them today. I was out shopping for a birthday gift for my dad when as I walked by I heard them sing to me "Buy me, we are yours, look how pretty we are...." I turned and BAM!...... it was love at first sight. It was tricky taking these pictures of them, but I had to do something to mark this momentous occasion.