"In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back."
-Charlie Brown

Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost April Fools Day

On Monday, March 31, 2008, I got into some trouble..... I woke up to very icy and slick roads. Perfect commuting weather! I was driving along University Parkway in Orem (safely I might add!) and I noticed that someone had just gotten into an accident with a parked truck along the road up ahead! I also noticed that all of the traffic a head of me is now fishtailing all over the road including the car in the lane I'm in as well as the next lane over, the cars have turned so that they are horizontal in a vertical lane! If I continue in the path I'm in, I'm likely going to kill someone, so I swerve (brakes are rendered useless on the ice!!!) the only way I can, and BAM I slam into the same parked car that just got hit by someone else! Oops! The front of my car was trashed! The little truck that got hit twice, had barely any damage (nice huh?) but my car was unfortunately undrivable at this time. I moved my car off the road as much as possible, turned on the flashers and called for some backup (Mom and the Police.) Though it is about 20 degrees outside with the windchill factor about 2 degrees I was absolutely terrified that I would get hit again and so I continued to wait outside of my car. About 15 minutes later, I see my mom coming down the road with her flashers on and slowing down.... of course the person behind her didn't notice until too late that she was slowing down and again with the ice and slippery conditions the road was in, BAM! There goes the back end of my car! I stood there on the side of the road, sobbing! "My poor car" I kept thinking as well as thanking Heavenly Father that I wasn't in the car at the time (as I would likely have not been wearing a seat belt and would probably ended up through the windshield) I was traumatized!! We called the police again to notify them that their speedy response to the accident was necessary as if I got hit again I probably was going to have a anxiety attack!! Finally two officers arrived (one of them looking very much like a young Kevin Costner!! FUN!) and the other just like a regular officer (handsome and uniformed as always!) I began thinking that maybe this wasn't going to be too bad until Kevin Costner officer left :( and it turned out that the other officer, though handsome in his uniform, was as it turns out... kind of a jerk!! He was kind in that he did not give me a citation however, when I became a little teary eyed because of rehashing the experience, he insisted that there was nothing I should be getting worked up about and I needed to relax. "RELAX!! You're kidding, right?" I thought to myself! My car is smushed up and has to be towed away, I'm missing work, my neck hurts, and I can't feel my fingers, nose, or feet ( because of the temperature) and you want me to RELAX!!! Oh.... if he weren't an officer, I may have utilized my new kickboxing moves.... uppercut, jab, cross, high kick, finished off with a round house kick!!! (That would have been really funny to see, though.) It turned out to be a bit of a crummy day. Every time I called someone to let them know of the accident (work and family) everyone thought that I was pulling an April Fool's joke a little early!!!
After a week of physical therapy for my neck strain I'm doing much better, but my car is still in the shop having $7,000 worth of damages repaired! Oh, boy.... Hopefully Allstate really does believe in accident forgiveness!